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Name Donated Period

Jade animal.

Neolithic Age

Carved stone figure of mythical beast.
Probably from Houjiazhuang, Anyang, Henan Province. Late Shang period

Tripod cauldron ding with taotie design.

Shang (Yin) Period, Earligang-Yinxu Period,

Large wine jar pou with taotie design.

Late Shang period

Jar with paste glass decoration.

Spring and Autumn - Warring States period

Pole top ornament in shape of animal.
From China's Northern Frontier. Spring and Autumn period

Tripod cauldron ding with coiling dragon design.
Probably from Zhujiaji, Shou county, Anhui province. Warring States Period

Bronze bell with design of animals.
Probably from vicinity of Luoyang, Henan province. Warring States period

Silver ear cup with gilt bronze stand.

Western Han Dynasty

Clay seal
With characters "Huang Di Xin Xi" Western Han Dynasty

Stone bas-relief.
From Xiaotangshan, Changqing county, Shangdong province. Eastern Han Dynasty

Inscription on stone monument(rubbing impression made during the Song Dynasty ).

Eastern Jin Dynasty

Celadon glazed jar with six handles and design of lotus petals.

Southern Dynasties
Important Cultural Property
China. Sui Dynasty
Important Cultural Property
Celadon glazed jar with foru handles.

Sui - Tang Dynasty
Important Cultural Property
Standing Juichimen Kannon(Ekadasamukha)
Formerly owned by Tonomine, Nara. Tang Dynasty
Important Cultural Property
Surviving portion of "Liu-zi".

Tang Dynasty
National Treasure
Scroll of music notes, vol.5.

Tang Dynasty
National Treasure
Collected writings of Wang Bo, vols.29 & 30.

Tang Dynasty
National Treasure
Guwen Shangshu, vol.VI.

Tang dynasty
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