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School Programs

We provide educational programs for students of elementary, middle and high schools so that they may receive full educational benefits from their museum visits. There are a variety of programs to choose from, depending on the purpose of your visit, length of time, and number of students. Advance application required.


Public Programs

Lectures on topics related to the exhibits and explanations of displays by our curators, events, guided tours led by museum volunteers, workshops and other activities are offered as a way to enhance the museum experience. Some programs require advance registration.


Family and Children's Programs

There are also programs designed for families with children, including participation in workshops and hands-on activities, events and the children's art studio. Some programs require advance registration.


Teacher Programs

We provide information to aid teachers on school trips to the museum, as well as training sessions for teachers.


Volunteer Activities

Our volunteers are committed to supporting lifelong learning opportunities and improving our services. A general description of volunteer activities and application information is available.



We accept graduate school students with an interest in museum curatorship, and provide internship programs in various divisions. Internship work is in Japanese and so is the application form. Recruitment for our programs starts in May.


Campus Memberships

Students will be able to deepen their understanding of Japan's cultural heritage by becoming members of the Tokyo National Museum Campus. Students and faculty members of colleges and training schools are eligible to join. Members enjoy free year-round admission to regular exhibitions and discounts for special exhibitions and events.

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