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Change of Exhibits, Regular Exhibitions: Starting from January 13, 2021 (Wed)

Regular exhibitions at Tokyo National Museum are rotated almost every week. This page provides the latest information on the change of exhibits.
* Some works are exhibited for a longer period of time.

Japanese Gallery (Honkan)

Room 16  January 13, 2021 (Wed) - April 11, 2021 (Sun)

The islands of Japan stretch from north to south. They include diverse natural environments, which have been home to different cultures over thousands of years. This gallery presents the cultures of the Ainu people of the north and the Ryūkyū Kingdom of the south.

The Ainu are indigenous people who live mainly on Hokkaidō, Japan’s northernmost major island. For centuries they traded with surrounding cultures while relying on hunting, fishing, and gathering. The Museum's extensive Ainu collection was acquired from the Bureau for the Vienna World Exposition in 1875 and through donations from private collectors.

The Ryūkyū Kingdom flourished on the subtropical islands of Okinawa from the 15th to 19th century.

Its culture was strongly influenced by trade, especially with Japan, China, Korea, and Southeast Asia. The Museum's diverse Ryūkyū collection includes items purchased by the Ministry of Agriculture and Commerce from Okinawa Prefecture and those donated by private collectors.

Asian Gallery (Toyokan)

Room 10  January 13, 2021 (Wed) - April 4, 2021 (Sun)

This gallery features Korean furniture, clothing, and room decor from the Joseon dynasty (1392–1910). While the costumes, furniture, tableware, and stationery each possessed individual beauty, their appeal was enhanced by their placement in living spaces.

Room 12  January 13, 2021 (Wed) - May 16, 2021 (Sun)

This part introduces the individual styles of ceramics made in Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam from the 9th to the 16th century.

Room 13  January 13, 2021 (Wed) - February 7, 2021 (Sun)

The art of “miniature painting” is one of India’s best-known genres. These paintings use elaborate brushwork and vibrant colors to depict a variety of themes, including: Indian myths, Hindu gods, portraits of kings, scenes from history, and love stories. Miniature paintings can also be enjoyed for their distinct regional styles that reflect India’s rich history of cultural diversity.

Kuroda Memorial Hall

Collection Highlights Gallery  January 13, 2021 (Wed) - January 24, 2021 (Sun)

The Kuroda Memorial Hall was built to commemorate the Western-style painter Kuroda Seiki’s bequest of his heritage and works to the country. The Collection Highlights Gallery on the second floor preserves his renowned works Wisdom, Passion, Sentiment; Maiko Girl; Lakeside (all designated as Important Cultural Properties), and Reading, which are on view for the public three times a year (two weeks each during New Year, the Cherry-blossom season, and Ueno Cultural Festival).