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Change of Exhibits, Regular Exhibitions: Starting from October 19, 2021 (Tue)

Regular exhibitions at Tokyo National Museum are rotated almost every week. This page provides the latest information on the change of exhibits.
* Some works are exhibited for a longer period of time.

Asian Gallery (Toyokan)

 Image of "Buddhist Paintings and Calligraphy" 
Room 8  October 19, 2021 (Tue) - December 5, 2021 (Sun)

This year’s exhibition of masterpieces of Chinese painting and calligraphy focuses on Buddhist art. Copies of sutras, records about carving Buddhist sculptures, paintings with Buddhist subjects, and calligraphy by Chan (Zen) monks still captivate us through their detailed representations of religious doctrines and deep devotion of the artist. Calligraphy and paintings by Chinese Chan priests from the Song (960–1276) and Yuan (1271–1368) dynasties were introduced to Japan through exchanges between China and Japan, and were highly valued in the world of the tea ceremony.

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