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TNM News Subscription

TNM News Subscription: 1,000 yen/1 yr

"TNM News" is a museum bulletin featuring a wide variety of topics from exhibition information to various current events at the museum. The bulletin is sent six times a year to subscribed members (Domestic addresses only).

*Available only in Japanese


Ways to Apply

Applying Online (Credit Card or Bank Transfer)

Information based on the Specified Commercial Transactions


Please follow these steps to apply

1 Fill out the Application form

2 Review your order on the confirmation page

3 Send information electronically

4-1 (If paying by credit card)
We will send a TNM News after reviewing your information.
Only Visa and MasterCard are accepted

4-2 (If paying by bank transfer)
We will review the information entered and send a bank transfer form. (Requires about 5 business days)
Note: The application is not complete until after the payment is complete.

Please use the bank transfer form to make the payment at your nearest post office. (Bank transfer service fees may be charged)

We will send a TNM News after reviewing your information.

For expedited service, please apply directly at the membership counter.


Applying at the Membership Counter

Please fill out necessary forms and apply at the counter located at the front gate ticket windows. Membership benefits are applicable the same day.
Windows are open during museum operating hours from 9:30 to 30 minutes prior to the museum closing.


Bank Transfer

Please make your payment by filling out the below information on a bank transfer form.

TNM News Subscription
Tokyo National Museum Membership
TNM News Subscription 1000 yen/yr
1.Membership Type(TNM News Subscription, National Museums Members Pass (shared among four national museums), Members Premium Pass, Friends of TNM)
2. Membership Type (Adults or Students)
3. Name
4. Zip Code
5. Address
6. Phone Number
7. Age
8. Gender
9. Email Address, if you wish to receive information from the museum
Bank transfer forms need to be completed individually.
Bank transfer service fees may apply.
Please use clear block prints to fill out the form.
Please make sure all your information is correct before submitting the form.
The tab from the bank transfer form is your receipt. Please keep the receipt for the duration of the membership.


TNM News is mailed starting the following month after subscription.
Membership fee is not refundable.
Membership duration is predetermined and cannot be changed.

We use your information only for membership application purposes. Your information will be stored securely and properly. We do not distribute or give away any individual information without consent. (Except when asked by law enforcement.)



Tokyo National Museum, Administration Department, Membership Division
13-9 Ueno Park, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-8712, Japan
TEL: 03-3822-1111 FAX: 03-3821-9680