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Name Donated Period

Standing Avalokitesvara.
Said to have been excavated in Kyongju, Korea. Unified Silla Dynasty, 8th century.

Green glazed jar with three legs.

Unified Silla Dynasty, 8th century.

Sword with ring-shaped pommel.
Said to have been from Kyongsang-nando, Korea. Three Kingdoms Period, 6th century.

Earring, gold.

Three Kingdoms Period(Silla), 6th century.
Important Cultural Property
Headgear, gilt bronze.
Probably from Ch'angnyong, Kyongsang-namdo. Three Kingdoms Period, 5th - 6th century.

Jar, green glazed.
From Kyongju, Kyongsang-pukdo. Three Kingdoms Period (Silla)

Seated Bodhisattva with one leg pendent.

Three Kingdoms period

Standing Buddha.
Said to have been found in stone stupa of the ruins of temple in Kangwon-do, Korea. Unified Silla dynasty

Celadon glazed box with scrolling plant design in openwork.

Goryeo dynasty

Celadon glazed vase with plum tree, bamboo, willow and waterfowl design in inlay.

Goryeo dynasty

Tea bowl of horimishima type.
Known as "Kimura" Joseon dynasty

Garment box.

Joseon dynasty
Important Cultural Property

Joseon dynasty

Celadon glazed ewer and basin.

Koryo Dynasty
Important Cultural Property
Three legged pot with handle, bronze.
Probably from Hapch'on, Kyongsang-namdo. Three Kingdoms Period
Important Cultural Property
Sutra box.

Goryeo dynasty

Vase with design of fish in underglaze iron on white slip, Punch'ong ware.

Joseon dynasty
Important Art Object
Tea bowl, oido type.
Known as "Uraku". Joseon dynasty
Important Art Object
Ornamental fitting, bronze.
Probably from Kyongju, Kyongsang-pukdo. Early Iron Age - Proto Three Kingdoms period
Important Art Object
Horse-shaped vessel, pottery
Said to have been from Ch'ngnyong, Kyongsang-nando, Korea. Three Kingdoms Period (Silla)
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