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"Ceramics "

Honkan Room 13  December 18, 2012 (Tue) - March 3, 2013 (Sun)


From Japan's first glazed ceramics of the Nara period to the various wares of the late Edo period, the exhibits will introduce the history of Japanese ceramics through masterworks according to time period and production sites.
Current exhibit includes:
Bowl, Wagtail design, Mino ware, Nezumi-Shino type, Azuchi-Momoyama - Edo period, 16th - 17th century (Important Cultural Property)
Tea Leaf Jar, Moon and plum design in overglaze enamel, Studio of Ninsei, Edo period, 17th century (Important Cultural Property)
Oblong Dishes, Tanzaku poem card design in underglaze iron, Kenzan ware, Edo period, dated 1743
Large Dish, Snowscape design in underglaze blue, Nabeshima ware, Edo period, 18th century
Deep Bowl, Bird and flower design in overglaze enamel, Imari ware, Kakiemon type, Edo period, 17th century (Important Cultural Property)