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Artifacts from West Asia and Egypt

"Artifacts from West Asia and Egypt"

Asian Gallery (Toyokan) Room 3  October 24, 2017 (Tue) - February 4, 2018 (Sun)

Goddess Bastet, Late period–Ptolemaic period, 5th–4th century BC (Gift of Mr. Momose Osamu and Mrs. Momose Fumiko)

This part intrduces artifacts from West Asia and Egypt, known as the cradle of the earliest civilization.

Current exhibit includes:
Bastet, Egypt, Late period–Ptolemaic period, ca. 5th–4th century BC (Gift of Mr. Momose Osamu and Mrs. Momose Fumiko)
Copper Foundation Peg with a God's Figurine, Excavated in southern Iraq, Sumerian Early Dynastic period, 25th–24th century BC
Cut Glass Skyphos, Eastern Mediterranean, 1st century (Private collection)
Round Cut Glass Bowl, Iran, Sasanid period, 6th century (Private collection)
Mummy of Pasherienptah, Excavated at Thebes, Egypt, 22nd dynasty, ca. 945–730 BC (Gift of Egyptian Department of Antiquities)
Standing Man, Formerly owned by Somerset Maugham, Cyprus, Cypro–Archaic period, 6th century BC (Gift of Mr. Michael Xilas and Mrs. Vicky Xilas)
Heracles, Excavated at Hatra, Iraq, Parthian period, 1st–2nd century (Gift of Iraqi Government)
Dish with Humped Bull Design, Excavated in Iran, Late Hellenistic–Parthian period, second half of 3rd–first half of 1st century BC

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