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Metalwork: Ornamentation in Buddhism

"Metalwork: Ornamentation in Buddhism"

Japanese Gallery (Honkan) Room 13  April 11, 2017 (Tue) - June 11, 2017 (Sun)

Ban (Buddhist ornamental banners), With beaded decorations (detail), Muromachi period, dated 1485 and 1492

Decoration in Buddhism involves sumptuous representations of Buddhas, as well as ritual interiors of temple halls. The adornments used for this purpose are known collectively in Japanese as shogongu. This exhibition introduces Buddhist ritual implements such as containers for sarira, or literally, “Buddha’s relics,” together with items for esoteric Buddhist altars, and interior decor including ritual banners and pendent floral openwork ornaments. The works present an overview of multifarious metalwork techniques such as casting, carving, and forging.

Current exhibit includes:
Keman (Pendent ornament), Lotus flower design, Kamakura period, 13th century (Important Cultural Property, Lent by Kongorinji, Shiga)
Ban (Buddhist ornamental banners)
, With beaded decorations, Muromachi period, dated 1485 and 1492
Mandalas of the Two Realms,
Kamakura period, dated 1194 (Important Cultural Property, Lent by Tokumanji, Ibaraki, on exhibit through June 4, 2017)

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