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Cherry Blossom Viewing at the Tokyo National Museum

博物館でお花見を メインビジュアル

Cherry blossoms can only be seen for a few days each year and are a well-known symbol of spring in Japan. The annual event Cherry Blossom Viewing at the Tokyo National Museum features famous works of art celebrating cherry blossoms. Make the most of springtime in Japan at the Tokyo National Museum!

*We have decided to suspend the workshops, gallery talks, and other related events this year to prevent the further spreading of the new coronavirus (COVID-19).


Finding Cherry Blossoms in the Japanese Gallery (Honkan)


Honkan Room 7, March 9–April 18
The Chapters “The Picture Competition” and “The Butterflies” from The Tale of Genji
By Kanō Osanobu (1796–1846), Edo period, 19th century
弘法大師像 作品画像


Honkan Room 3, March 16–April 25
The Buddhist Monk Kūkai
Kamakura period, 14th century
雀の発心 作品画像(detail)
Honkan Room 3, March 16–April 25
The Tale of a Sparrow Who Became a Buddhist Monk
Muromachi–Azuchi-Momoyama period, 16th century (Gift of Ms. Mita Etsuko)
経平大弐家歌合 作品画像(detail)
Honkan Room 3, March 16–April 25
Poetry Contest Held at the Residence of Fujiwara no Tsunehira
Attributed to Fujiwara no Toshitada, Heian period, 12th century (Important Cultural Property)
枝垂桜蒔絵棗 作品画像
Honkan Room 4, February 2–April 25
Container for Thin Tea with a Weeping Cherry Tree
Edo period, 17th century (Gift of Mr. Hirota Matsushige)


枝垂桜蒔絵棗 作品画像


振袖 鶸色縮緬地桜藤菊尾長鳥模様 作品画像


Honkan Room 8, March 2–April 25
Long-Sleeved Robe (Furisode) with Cherry Blossoms, Wisterias, Chrysanthemums, and Blue Magpies
Edo period, 19th century (Gift of Mrs. Abe Miyoko)
一行書 「花開万国春」 作品画像
Honkan Room 8, March 9–April 18
Calligraphy in One Line: "A Single Flower Blooms and the World Is in Spring"
By Ike no Taiga (1723–76), Edo period, 18th century


一行書 「花開万国春」 作品画像
桜花図 作品画像


Honkan Room 8, March 9–April 18
Cherry Blossoms
By Hirose Kain, Edo period, 19th century
唐織 金紅段枝垂桜尾長鳥模様 作品画像
Honkan Room 9, March 2–April 25
Noh Costume (Karaori) with Cherry Blossoms and Magpies
Edo period, 18th century



小袖 紅綸子地雪持笹桜模様 作品画像
Honkan Room 10, March 2–April 25
Robe (Kosode) with Snowflakes, Bamboo Grass and Cherry Blossoms
Edo period, 17th century
重要美術品 山下京之助のうしろ面 作品画像
Honkan Room 10, March 16–April 11
The Actor Yamashita Kyōnosuke Performing the Reversed Mask Dance
By Ippitsusai Bunchō, Edo period, 1769 (Important Art Object)



不動明王立像 作品画像
Honkan Room 11, December 15, 2020- May 9, 2021
The Wisdom King Fudō
Heian period, 11th century (Gift of Mr. Okano Tetsusaku)
比良山蒔絵硯箱 作品画像
Honkan Room 12, March 9–May 30
Writing Box with the Hira Mountains
By Shiomi Masanari (1646–1719), Edo period, 18th century (Important Cultural Property)



月に桜花図鐔 作品画像
Honkan Room 13, March 9–May 30
Sword Guard, Design of the Moon and Cherry Blossoms
By Natsuo (1828–98), Edo period–Meiji era, 19th century (Gift of Mr. Quincy A. Shaw)


色絵桜花鷲文大皿 作品画像
Honkan Room 13, February 16–May 9
Large Dish with Cherry Blossoms and Eagles, Porcelain with overglaze enamel
Imari ware, Edo period, 18th century (Gift of Mr. Kase Reiji)


色絵桜花鷲文大皿 作品画像
花下躍鯉 作品画像


Honkan Room 18, March 16–May 9
Leaping Carp Under the Cherry Tree
By Iijima Kōga (1829–1900), Meiji era, 1874

Opening of the Garden

The northern side of the garden, where you can see 10 kinds of cherry blossoms, including Yoshino cherries, is currently open to the public.

■10:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m.

*The garden may be closed due to bad weather.
*The teahouses cannot be entered.

The garden has been closed for maintenance since December 8, 2020. Even when the garden opens for Cherry Blossom Viewing at the Tokyo National Museum (March 16–April 11), only part of the garden will be accessible. Please view this page for the latest information.


General Information

All tickets will be timed-entry tickets (timed tickets) and must be purchased in advance online. Museum members and other visitors eligible for free admission must also make advance reservations online.

Visitor Guidelines

March 16, 2021 (Tue) - April 11, 2021 (Sun)  
Japanese Gallery (Honkan)
Mondays (Except for March 29)
Adults: 1000 yen
University students: 500 yen

*Admission is free for senior high/junior high/elementary school students and persons under 18 and over 70 years of age (please show proof of age when entering).

*Persons with disabilities are admitted free with one accompanying person each (please present an ID at the ticket booth).

*All visitors must make an online reservation for admission.