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What is TNM Art Guide?

What is TNM Art Guide?

TNM Art Guide is the official guide app for the Tokyo National Museum's cultural exhibits.
Many visitors have used our guides since we introduced them in April 2012, but we have taken this opportunity to update our system and reintroduce it in late March 2020 as TNM Art Guide.

The new-and-improved TNM Art Guide supports four languages: Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean. In addition to audio and text breakdowns of our favorite pieces from our current exhibits, you can enjoy theme-specific museum tour guides, interactive experiences, collecting stamps at stations throughout the museum and more. If you have access to a wireless network, you can even use it from the comfort of your own home.

Leaflet is available for download in PDF format. (0.98MB)


App features

.Exhibition room introductions and object explanations

Audio includes commentary on the exhibition rooms of the Tokyo National Museum and commentary on the recommended works that are currently on display.
Exhibits with audio guidance are marked with a speaker icon.

2.Search Artwork

Zoom in on the 3D map to search

Specify a building to search

Search using the “Search Artwork”


Search using the “Nearby Exhibition Rooms” button

View exhibits near your present location on the map.
*Cannot be used outside of museum buildings.

3.Course Guide

Recommended routes through the museum based on a particular theme.

4.Interactive Content

Tap on the artworks to enjoy and learn more about them.

5.Stamp Challenge

Walk through the museum and answer quizzes to win a prize.



System requirements

Android OS 8.0 or later

iPhone 7 or later
iOS 11.0 or later

*Functionality is not guaranteed on all devices.

*TNM Art Guide may not function properly due to your device's specific settings, available space, network connection or connection speed, etc.

*TNM Art Guide can be installed on tablets, but use on smartphones is recommended.

Language Japanese, English, Chinese (simplified), Korean
Download URL



Release March 30, 2020 (ongoing)
Planning/ production/ development Planning / production: Tokyo National Museum
Development: TANSEISHA Co., Ltd.
Contact Education Programming, Curatorial Planning Dept.



・Always wear earphones inside the museum.

・Some of the exhibits shown in TNM Art Guide may differ from those on display.

・Pay due attention to other customers and the exhibits when using this app.