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Visitor Guidelines

Please follow these guidelines to help keep yourself and other visitors safe.



・Visitors can view the regular exhibitions without making reservations. Please purchase your ticket at the ticket booth by the Main Gate.

・The number of people in each building will be monitored; visitors may be asked to wait when any of the buildings becomes too crowded.

・Special exhibitions require a separate ticketing procedure. Please check their official websites for details.



Updated visitor rules:

・ Do not enter the Museum if you have a fever, cough, or other symptoms of illness.

・ Visitors who have a higher body temperature than usual will not be allowed to enter the Museum premises.

・ Wear a mask.

・ Sanitize your hands with alcohol spray or wash them with soap and water.

・ Please be considerate of other visitors in the galleries.

・ Keep conversation to a minimum when inside the exhibition galleries.

・ Do not to touch the exhibition objects, cases, equipment, or walls.

・ Additional entry restrictions may apply to certain exhibition galleries.


Updated museum protocols:

・ Infrared imaging will be used to conduct temperature screenings at the main gate.

・ Alcohol spray will be made available in all exhibition galleries.

・ Staff will sanitize, clean, and ventilate all Museum buildings thoroughly.

・ Everyone involved in Museum operations, including staff and couriers, will be subject to temperature screenings and health checks.

・ To allow for social distancing and ensure proper ventilation, only a limited number of people will be allowed in each exhibition gallery at one time.

・ Staff will be required to wear masks, and plastic shields are installed at information desks and other areas where staff speak directly to visitors.

・ Lounges will be rearranged to meet social distancing requirements.

Please keep a record of the date and time you visited the Museum. If anyone at the Museum tests positive for the novel coronavirus, the Museum will post this information on its website (https://www.tnm.jp). Please check the website periodically following your visit and contact your local health authorities if you discover a positive case was detected when you were at the Museum.