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KIMONO Hand Painted by the Artist Ogata Kōrin


To the Dazzling World of Kimono!
Discover the Wonder of Early Edo-Period Clothing Including the “Fuyuki Kosode” Designed by the Master Painter Ogata Kōrin.

Kosode is an early version of what we now call kimono. In the Edo period (1603–1868), wealthy women in particular prioritized extravagance in the way they dressed and sought out bespoke fashions. Painted kosode featuring designs by famous artists applied directly to the fabric were valued especially highly. “Kimono (Kosode) with Autumn Grasses,” also known as the “Fuyuki Kosode,” was painted by the Edo-period artist Ogata Kōrin for a lumber merchant named Fuyuki in Fukagawa.
    This program features Edo-period kosode fashion, while exploring how Ogata Kōrin’s unique kosode was created and how it was brought back to life through a recent conservation project.

*We anticipate congestion just before the entrance time. Please purchase tickets as early as possible, well in advance of the show time.


* Kimono (Kosode) with Autumn Grasses (Important Cultural Property): on exhibit from October 3 to December 3 in Room 10, Japanese Gallery

Website: TNM & TOPPAN Museum Theater

* English audio guide available (Free)

* You may not enter mid-way through the program.

* Screening schedule and capacity are subject to change.


October 4, 2023 (Wed) - December 24, 2023 (Sun)   (Every Wed,Thu,Fri,Sat,Sun,Holiday)
Asian Gallery (Toyokan)-TNM & TOPPAN Museum Theater
[Wed, Thu, Fri] 12:00、13:00、14:00、15:00、16:00
[Sat, Sun, Holidays] 11:00、12:00、13:00、14:00、15:00、16:00
Running time
about 35 min.
High school students and above: ¥600
* November 8, 2023(Wed) – November 19, 2023(Sun): Visitors dressed in kimono will be admitted to the VR experience for free!
*Regular admission fees apply to persons over 18 (excluding high-school students) and under 70.
Elementary and junior high school students: ¥300
Pre-school children and persons with disability and one person accompanying them: Free
Supervision of
Tokyo National Museum / The National Center for the Promotion of Cultural Properties
050-5541-8600("Hello Dial")