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About "TohakuNavi"

What is "Tohaku Navi"?

“Tohaku Navi” is the official smartphone guide app for the Tokyo National Museum. It features guide courses for the Regular Exhibition at the Tokyo National Museum. Each course is designed so that it can be played back along with the exhibits within the museum, however the application can be enjoyed anywhere at your leisure.

The Android version of “Tohaku Navi” was first released in April, 2012 (Japanese) followed by the iOS Lite version in September, 2013 (Japanese/English). Finally, in April 2014, “Tohaku Navi” version 2.0 was released for both Android and iOS each with the same features and contents. It is available in both Japanese and English and the contents are now available for download by courses, allowing you to download them through 3G/LTE connection.  The course for the second floor of the Honkan supports sensing technologies so that content is automatically played back according to the exhibit room the user is currently located.

“Tohaku Navi” is available for free download to your smartphones. Contents are also available in English, so we hope that you will enjoy it!


About "Tohaku Navi Joint Research Project"

 * Works in “Tohaku Navi” may not be on display at the museum when you visit.

Application Start Up Screen
Course Menu



1. “Tohaku Navi” includes three guide courses for the Tokyo National Museum’s Regular Exhibition and a stamp rally feature. Users can choose a course depending on how much time they want to spend or their interests. 
“Honkan 1F Japanese Art Thematic Course (30min)” This course is a 30-minute walk around the first floor of the Honkan that features thematic exhibitions that focus on a particular genre, such as sculpture, ceramics and swords. It contains 4 interactive contents.
“Honkan 2F Highlights of Japanese Art Course (45min)”    This course is a 45-minute walk around the second floor of the Honkan, or Japanese Gallery. It contains 4 interactive contents
“Museum Architecture Course (30min.)”    The Museum Architecture Course is a 30-minute walk around 6 of the museum’s buildings.   
“Toyokan Course (45min)” This course is a 45-minute walk around the Toyokan, or Asian Gallery that features decorative art objects and archaeological objects from China, the Korean peninsula, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, India, Western Asia and Egypt.
“The Gallery of Horyuji Treasures Course (30min)” This course is a 30-minute walk around the Gallery of Horyuji Treasures.
“Heiseikan Japanese Archaeology Gallery Course (30min)” This course is a 30-minute walk around the Heiseikan’s Japanese Archaeology Gallery That displays archaeological artifacts from the Paleolithic period, around 40,000 years ago, through to the Edo period.
* “Honkan 1F Japanese Art Thematic Course(30min)” and “Honkan 2F Highlights of Japanese Art Course(45min)” includes  interactive contents such as the introduction to the Maki-e production process and interactive viewer for the Wind God and Thunder God folding screen painting. You can enjoy the interactive contents by selecting the “Interactive Contents” icon on the Course Menu.
Interactive Contents
View Sliding Door
* In “Honkan 2F Highlights of Japanese Art Course” course when users enter the respective exhibit rooms introduced in this course, content is automatically played back. Automatic content playback is also featured at the exhibit case in Room 10 to support automatic playback per exhibit work in the case.
  “Highlights of Japanese Art Course on the Honkan Second Floor” Screen

Content is automatically played back when users enter respective exhibit rooms.
2. The app includes a stamp rally feature where users can automatically collect digital stamps according to their location. Digital stamps can be collected at 3 locations in the museum in front of the following buildings: Honkan, Toyokan, and Gallery of Horyuji Treasures.
* Users who collect all 3 stamps can receive a “Tohaku Navi” original souvenir button badge
25mm button badge
There are two types of button badges. Badge designs change every month.

* You can redeem your souvenir at the Information Desk in Honkan by showing the Stamp Rally screen of your device.
* You can receive only 1 badge at a time.
* The Stamp Rally feature requires GPS support.

"Tohaku Navi" Demo movie




Requirements iPhone4 or later /iPod touch(5th generation or later)/iPad with iOS 7.0 or higher required
Android Smartphones (ver.2.3 or later, with screen size 800x480 or higher)
Some features may be limited on your device. The Stamp Rally feature requires GPS support.
Sensing Technology [Android version]
GPS,  PlaceEngine, and Place Sticker® technology
[ [iOS version]
GPS and
Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE) (iPhone 4S or later w/ BLE)
Language Japanese / English
Download URL [Android version]
Free of Charge (30MB)
[iOS version]

Free of Charge (38.7MB)
*Before use, please read the Terms of Use.

Contents to be downloaded separately by courses 
  “Honkan 1F Japanese Art Thematic Course” approx. 32 MB (49MB in case of iPad Retina display model)
“Honkan 2F Highlights of Japanese Art Course” approx. 31MB (48MB in case of iPad Retina display model)
“Museum Architecture Course”  approx. 20MB   (30MB in case of iPad Retina display model)
“Toyokan Course (45min)” approx. 35MB (56MB in case of iPad Retina display model)
“The Gallery of Horyuji Treasures Course” approx. 17MB (25MB in case of iPad Retina display model)
“Heiseikan Japanese Archaeology Gallery Course (30min)” approx. 15MB (23MB in case of iPad Retina display model)
Credits Planned and Produced by: Tokyo National Museum
Information Services International-Dentsu, Ltd.
Koozyt, Inc.
Supported by: Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc.
Original Design Concept: Tota Hasegawa (TOMATO)

 "Tohaku Navi"is special supported by Toshiba International Foundation.