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Buddhist Art: Heian–Muromachi period

"Buddhist Art: Heian–Muromachi period"

Honkan Room 3  October 30, 2018 (Tue) - December 9, 2018 (Sun)

Gathering of Deities (detail), Kamakura period, 14th century

Buddhist art is one of the major genres that define Japanese art. Many masterworks date from the late Heian period, a time characterized as classical in Japanese art history. After the Kamakura period, Buddhist art further developed in its materials, methods, and styles as Zen schools and other new Buddhist schools emerged, together with the influence from the Chinese arts. This exhibit features artworks from the Heian to Kamakura periods, when Buddhist art most flourished, adding siginificant objects from the Nanbokucho and periods.

Current exhibit includes:
Seated Minamoto Yoritomo (Presumed), Kamakura period, 13th-14th century (Important Cultural Property)
Gathering of Deities, Kamakura period, 14th century
Yuima (Vimalakirti), Nanbokucho period, 14th century
Bussetsu kogi homon kyo SutraFrom the Nanatsudera issai kyo compilation, Heian period, 12th century (Important Cultural Property, Lent by Nanatsudera, Aichi)
Hokyoin darani kyo Sutra, Heian period, 12th century (Important Cultural Property, Lent by Kongoji, Osaka)
Lotus Sutra "Expedient Means" chapter; known as the "Chikubushima Sutra", Heian period, 11th century (National Treasure)

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Designation Name Amount Creation Excavation Period Acquisition Ownership Comment
_MD_RECOMMEND Important Cultural Property [Bussetsu kogi homon kyo] SutraFrom the [Nanatsudera issai kyo] compilation Heian period, 12th century Lent by Nanatsudera, Aichi