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Kuroda Memorial Hall

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The Kuroda Memorial Hall was built in 1928 through a bequest from Western-style painter Kuroda Seiki (1866-1924). The building first opened as the home of The Institute of Arts Research for the Imperial Academy of Fine Arts in 1930. In recognition of Kuroda's artistic achievements, exhibits of Oil paintings, sketches and similar works donated by the artist's family and others are on display. 
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2nd floor

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Kuroda Memorial Room  May 10, 2022 (Tue) - July 31, 2022 (Sun)

Created to honor Kuroda’s artistic career and exhibit his works, this room was opened to visitors when the hall was founded. The inscription in Chinese characters on the panel above the doors reads: “Memorial Room of Viscount Kuroda,” which is said to be the handwriting of the painter Nakamura Fusetsu. This room allows visitors to view Kuroda’s works from the collection, which mainly consists of those donated by his family, and gain glimpses of the character of Kuroda, who contributed greatly to modernizing Western-style painting in Japan and improving the status of art in general in Japanese society.