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Accessibility Information - Kuroda Memorial Hall

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Kuroda Memorial Hall

  • Seiki Kuroda, a Japanese artist of Western-style paintings, is commemorated with his works of oil paintings and sketches in this hall. The hall also exhibits research materials regarding this building previously known as an art research center.
  • The hall is located on the west side TNM across a road. The building’s exterior wall is made of bricks.
  • Kuroda Memorial Hall is consist of 2 stories above ground and 1 story underground. Exhibit rooms are 2nd floors.
  • There are stairs on the entrance. Visitors with wheelchairs may call staff for help.
  • Wheelchairs are available here.
  • There is a toilet o\for disabled visitors.
  • There are coin-operated lockers on the 1st floor.
  • There is an elevator available for visitors with wheelchairs.
  • Men's and women's toilets are in the 1st floor.
  • Each room is divided by steps of 1.3cm high.
  • Men's and women's toilets are in the basement.
  • Your entrance with guide dogs is permitted.
  • On the first floor, there is a UESHIMA COFFEE SHOP.
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