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Director's Message

Welcome to the Tokyo National Museum.

Zeniya MasamiZeniya Masami
Zeniya Masami
Executive Director,
Tokyo National Museum

The wealth of significant cultural properties at our museum, many of them created hundreds or thousands of years ago, illuminate Japan's long history. The reason we are still able to appreciate them today is owing to our predecessors, who carefully preserved them and handed them on. We in turn are obligated to safely pass on these objects to future generations.

The mission of the Tokyo National Museum is to convey the traditions and culture of Japan to future generations while balancing the demands of conservation and exhibition, which are activities necessary for preserving cultural properties and sharing them widely.

In this regard we sincerely hope that the younger generation, especially students, will come into contact with Japanese and other Asian cultures, study their histories, and enjoy their arts at the museum. Consequently, we are endeavoring to make the museum a place where education and cultural learning reaches the public more widely, through activities such as school programs and family workshops.

At the same time, for international visitors we are further advancing the museum as a “Gateway to Japanese Culture”, or “Face of Japan”, a place that provides accessible introductions to Japanese culture together with opportunities to become familiarized with Japanese traditions.

Toyokan (Asian Gallery) reopened in 2013. We hope visitors will explore this building to experience cultures from across the Asian region, cultures which are deeply connected to Japan and Japanese culture.