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Special Exhibition

Smiling in Contemplation : Two Buddhas from Japan and Korea

Pensive Bodhisattva
Left: Asuka period, 7th century (National Treasure, Lent by Chuguji Temple, Nara)
Right: Three Kingdoms period, 6th century, Korea (National Treasure No. 78, Lent by National Museum of Korea)

Honkan Room T5 :June 21, 2016 (Tue) - July 10, 2016 (Sun)

Sculptures of pensive Bodhisattvas originated in India, the birthplace of Buddhism, and were later transmitted to China, Korea, and finally to Japan. Many sculptures of this type were created in Japan and Korea from the 6th to 8th centuries, including ones that are now considered masterpieces of ancient Buddhist sculpture. Counted among these is a National Treasure preserved at Chuguji Temple in Nara prefecture. Its face, embellished with a gentle smile, is recognizable to nearly everyone in Japan. Another such masterpiece is in the collection of the National Museum of Korea. Made from bronze, it is widely known in Korea as “National Treasure No. 78.” This exhibition is a truly unique opportunity to savor the beauty of Buddhist sculpture from both Japan and Korea.

A Journey to the Land of Immortals: Treasures of Ancient Greece

(C)The Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports- Archaeological Receipts Fund

Heiseikan Special Exhibition Galleries :June 21, 2016 (Tue) - September 19, 2016 (Mon)

This exhibition showcases sculptures, fresco paintings, and metal objects from Greece. Let us set off on a journey through Greek art, which blossomed from the Neolithic to the Hellenistic periods in various areas in Greece, such as the Aegean Islands, including Cyclades and Crete, as well as Athens, Sparta, and Macedonia. This is the first large-scale exhibition in Japan of Greek artworks gathered solely from the country of Greece.