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Special Exhibition

A Journey to the Land of Immortals: Treasures of Ancient Greece

(C)The Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports- Archaeological Receipts Fund

Heiseikan Special Exhibition Galleries :June 21, 2016 (Tue) - September 19, 2016 (Mon)

This exhibition showcases sculptures, fresco paintings, and metal objects from Greece. Let us set off on a journey through Greek art, which blossomed from the Neolithic to the Hellenistic periods in various areas in Greece, such as the Aegean Islands, including Cyclades and Crete, as well as Athens, Sparta, and Macedonia. This is the first large-scale exhibition in Japan of Greek artworks gathered solely from the country of Greece.


Upcoming The Hidden Buddha of Rakuyaji Temple, Shiga

Honkan Room T5 :September 13, 2016 (Tue) - December 11, 2016 (Sun)

Rakuyaji (Koka City, Shiga Prefecture), an ancient temple of the Tendai sect of Buddhism, has preserved twenty Buddhist statues from the Heian period (794–1192) designated Important Cultural Properties. This number is outstanding even in Shiga Prefecture, where a many fine Buddhist statues remain to this day. This exhibition is the first opportunity to show all twenty of these statues outside Rakuyaji Temple.

Upcoming The Art of ZEN: From Mind to Form

Heiseikan Special Exhibition Galleries :October 18, 2016 (Tue) - November 27, 2016 (Sun)

Ink painting and chanoyu (the tea ceremony) were brought from China to Japan along with Zen Buddhism, and later grew into the central components of Japanese culture. This exhibition shows treasured objects brought together from the main and branch temples of the Rinzai and Obaku sects of Zen Buddhism in order to examine the history, art, and culture of Zen. Through Zen treasures such as portraits and the writings of high priests, Buddhist statues and paintings, decorative art objects, and wall paintings, the exhibition explores the roles that these artworks have played in Japanese culture.

Upcoming Etarnal Treasures from Kasugataisha Shrine

Heiseikan Special Exhibition Galleries :January 17, 2017 (Tue) - March 12, 2017 (Sun)

Designated a World Heritage Site, Kasuga Taisha Shrine (Nara prefecture) was built at the beginning of the Nara period (710–794) in prayer for the protection of the capital and the prosperity of the people. From ancient times, the shrine revered deer as divine messengers of the gods. This exhibition presents masterpieces of decorative art in the collection of Kasuga Taisha, which is regarded as the “treasure trove” of the Heian period (794–1192). Other artworks on exhibit include a number of fine objects such as prized swords, arms, and armor from Japan’s medieval period, as well as paintings and sculptures associated with people’s faith in Kasugataisha Shrine.