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Tokyo National Museum - Images for Press Usage List of Image

Honkan entrance
Honkan Room 2 (National Treasure Gallery)
Honkan Room 2 (National Treasure Gallery)
Honkan Room 5
Honkan Room 5
Honkan Room 7
Honkan Room 7
Honkan Room 10 (Ukiyo-e and Fashion in the Edo Period: Ukiyo-e)
Honkan Room 11 (Japanese Sculpture) 1
Honkan Room 11 (Japanese Sculpture) 2
Honkan Room 11 (Japanese Sculpture) 3
Honkan Room 12 (Lacquerware)
Toyokan Room 5 (Chinese Bronzes)
Japanese Archaeological Gallery (Haniwa)
The Gallery of Horyuji Treasures
The Gallery of Horyuji Treasures Room 2
Kuroda Memorial Hall 1
Kuroda Memorial Hall 2
Kuromon (Black Gate)
Museum Garden Opening (Spring)
Museum Garden Opening (Autumn)
Museum Shop 1
Museum Shop 2
Museum Shop (Book Corner)
Restaurant: Hotel Okura Yurinoki 1
Restaurant: Hotel Okura Yurinoki 2
Restaurant: Hotel Okura Yurinoki 3
Restaurant: Hotel Okura Yurinoki 4
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