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Records of History

"Records of History"

Japanese Gallery (Honkan) Room 15  June 18, 2019 (Tue) - August 18, 2019 (Sun)

Illustrations of Fish Species, Vol. 1, Compiled by the Museum Bureau; by Kurimoto Tanshu and others, Edo-Meiji period, 19th century

The Tokyo National Museum holds many artworks and other materials that shine light on history, with the foundation of this collection consisting of materials inherited from the shogun’s government of the Edo period (1603–1868). From the time of the Museum’s establishment in 1872, this foundation was supplemented with additional materials collected through exhibitions and surveys of cultural properties. This gallery displays albums of natural science, a discipline that thrived in the Edo period, maps created in the Edo period and the following Meiji era, ink rubbings of calligraphy inscribed into stone and metal, and a variety of other historical materials. In addition, photographs from the late 19th and early 20th century, which show the people and scenery of the day, as well as expositions and cultural properties, are also shown periodically.

Current exhibit includes:
Map of the Uraga Highway, Yukinoshita-mura, Kamakura Hachiman, Kenchoji, Genjiyama, Komyoji, Uraga, and Hashirimizu Kannon, Formerly owned by Asakusa Bunko Library, Edo period, dated 1806 (Important Cultural Property)

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