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Rei Naito: come and live – go and live

Thematic Exhibition Room (Heiseikan) and Japanese Gallery (Honkan), Tokyo National Museum

June 25, 2024 (Tue)-September 23, 2024 (Mon)

Upcoming Exhibitions

Special Exhibition Commemorating the 1,200th Anniversary of Jingoji Temple’s Founding
Jingoji: The Dawn of Shingon Buddhism

Heiseikan Special Exhibition Galleries

July 17, 2024 (Wed)-September 8, 2024 (Sun)

Upcoming Exhibitions

From Craft to Art: Japanese Dolls by the Living National Treasure Hirata Gōyō

Japanese Gallery (Honkan) Room 14

July 17, 2024 (Wed)-September 1, 2024 (Sun)


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