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Edo Castle

"Edo Castle"

Japanese Gallery (Honkan) Room 16  October 22, 2013 (Tue) - December 23, 2013 (Mon)

Preliminary Sliding-door Paintings for the "Pine-tree Corridor" of Edo Castle, By Kano Tan'en, Sumiyoshi Hirotsura, Edo period, dated 1845

Through materials including architectural plans as well as old documents and photos, this exhibition introduces the layout and stages of construction of Edo Castle, which was the castle of the ruling Tokugawa shogunate.
Current exhibit includes:
Plan of Edo Castle, Edo period, 19th century
1:100 Scale Drawing of the Castle Tower in the Keep of Edo Castle, Formerly owned by the Kora family, Edo period, 19th century (Important Cultural Property, Lent by Tokyo Metropolitan Library)
Album of Photographs of Edo Castle, Compiled by Ninagawa Noritane; photographed by Yokoyama Matsusaburo; colored by Takahashi Yuichi, 1871 (Important Cultural Property)