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School Programs

All programs are held in Japanese only.




<Program1>Lecture room programs


Staff curators will give lectures on the history of the museum and articles on display. The lectures are guaranteed to make your museum visit more enjoyable.




<Program2>Art appreciation activities in exhibition galleries


We offer opportunities to talk with staff members about the displays in the galleries and activities using worksheets that provide new insights into the exhibits. You will discover new dimensions of art!




<Program3>Self-guided tour using rental tablet and guide app







You will be able to experience the handling of replicas or paint decorations onto ceramic plates. This is a hands-on program on the traditional arts and crafts of Japan and East Asia.




<Program5>Career-oriented program


This program serves as an introduction to the museum -- its workings, administration, role in society, exhibition methods, and restoration and preservation of works of art, as well as the various steps involved in holding exhibitions. We also provide job-experience opportunities.






Japanese art history and traditional Japanese patterns are the themes of our worksheets, which enable the visitor to enjoy and learn more from the exhibits. Visitors are welcome to view a program that explains how to use the worksheets.




Frequently asked questions


We will answer questions about the programs, applications, preliminary visits and discussions, and the handling of various situations on the day of the event.