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Major Work(s) on Exhibit 6 results
Designation Name Creation/
Period Acquisition/
Accession Number
Highlight Shallow Bowl with Melons, Earthenware with three-color glaze Studio of Chōjirō; Raku ware Azuchi-Momoyama–Edo period, 16th–17th century G-5114
Tea Bowl By Ichinyū (1640–96) Edo period, 17th century G-76
Highlight Lidded Bowl with Peonies Imari ware, Kakiemon type Edo period, 17th century G-5759
Large Bowl with Flowering Plants Karatsu ware Edo period, 17th century G-5778
Large Dish with Flowers Imari ware Edo period, 18th century Gift of Dr. Yokogawa Tamisuke, G-1059
Highlight Shallow Bowl with a Flower Mino ware, yellow-Seto type Azuchi-Momoyama–Edo period, 16th–17th century Gift of Mr. Hirota Matsushige, G-5311