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Arms and Armor of the Samurai | 12th–19th century

Major Work(s) on Exhibit 5 results
Designation Name Creation/
Period Acquisition/
Accession Number
Highlight Important Cultural Property Armor ("Dōmaru") with “Eurasian Jay” Lacing, Red at the Top Passed down by the Akita Clan Muromachi period, 15th century Gift of Mr. Akita Kazusue, F-20153
Highlight Important Cultural Property Cord-Wrapped Sword Mounting ("Itomaki no Tachi") with Paulownia Crests Muromachi period, 15th century F-19991 On exhibit from February 14, 2024
Highlight Important Cultural Property Pair of Spiral-Wrapped Sword Mountings ("Hirumaki no Daishō") Azuchi-Momoyama period, 16th century F-19872 On exhibit from February 14, 2024
Important Cultural Property Armor ("Dōmaru") with Black Lacing, White at the Top Nanbokuchō period, 14th century Gift of Ms. Fujiwara Kiyoko, F-19972
Highlight Samurai's Leather Vest ("Kawa Baori") with Bamboo and Sparrows Passed down by the Hachisuka clan Edo period, 18th–19th century I-4440 On exhibit through March 3, 2024