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The Arrival of Buddhism | 6th–8th century

Major Work(s) on Exhibit 7 results
Designation Name Creation/
Period Acquisition/
Accession Number
Bodhisattva with One Leg Pendant Found on Mount Nachi, Wakayama Asuka period, 7th century Gift of Mr. Kitamata Tomeshirō and two others, E-14846
Highlight Bodhisattva Asuka period, 7th century C-217
Highlight Part of the "Flower Garland Sutra" (Called the "Burnt Sutra of Nigatsudō Hall") Nara period, 8th century Gift of Ms. Yanagisawa Keiso, B-3241
Highlight Important Cultural Property Nested Set of Reliquaries Found at Mishima Temple (nonextant), Osaka Nara period, 8th century Gift of Mr. Hirano Sutejirō and Mr. Ōta Jisaburō, E-14297
Important Cultural Property Eight Nested Bowls Collection of Hōryūji Treasures Nara period, 8th century N-264
Highlight Important Cultural Property Bowl Nara period, 8th century E-14284
Incense Burner with a Weighted Handle in the Shape of a Chinese Lion Nara period, 8th century E-19927