Artistic Anatomy: The Study of Human Form

"Artistic Anatomy: The Study of Human Form"

Japanese Gallery (Honkan) Room T1  July 3, 2012 (Tue) - July 29, 2012 (Sun)

Male Nude(detail), By Kuroda Seiki, 1889

This exhibition displays the study of body structures under the skin as well as the results of attempts to capture the beauty of the human body's form.
Current exhibit includes:
Plastic anatomy of the human body Guidebook for artists and art amateurs, By Julius Kollmann, Published 1886 (first edition) (Private collection)
Artistic Anatomy Description of the external form of the humain body at rest and during movementu corps humain au repos et dans les principaux mouvements, By Paul Pierre Richer, 1890 (Private collection)
Artistic Anatomy: Osteology (Draft), Anonymous (Mori Rintaro and Kume Keiichiro), 1898 - 1900
Notebook for Artistic Anatomy Study in France, By Kuroda Seiki, Meiji era, 19th century
Female Nude, By Kuroda Seiki, 1889
Male Nude, By Kuroda Seiki, 1889
Study of Standing Female Nude, By Kume Keiichiro, 1889 (Lent by Kume Museum of Art, Tokyo)