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Photography Application Form

In general, filming hours is between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. on weekdays.
If you wish to film before opening time or after closing time, please inform us by filling in the "Message" section on this application form.

Company Name [Required]
Subject of article/essay (Exhibition Name, etc.) [Required]
Purpose of use [Required]
Name and Date of Publication
Name [Required]
Phone [Required]
e-mail [Required]
Date of your photography
Photography type Photography Videotape
Interview Yes, I do No, I don't
Need parking Necessary Unnecessary
Need tripod Yes No
Important Notices
*1.It is prohibited to use images for purposes other than the purpose stated in the application.
*2.The instructions of Tokyo National Museum staff must be followed when filming.
*3.The exhibition name, date and location, etc. must be clearly stated in the article or program
*4.Publications or broadcasting data should be sent to the TNM Public Relations & Press Section and the public relations office of each special exhibition.