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150th Anniversary Thematic Exhibition
The Prince Takamado Collection of Netsuke
—A 20th Anniversary Exhibition Dedicated to the Memory of His Imperial Highness Prince Takamado

  • Image of "Hagoromo, Isshu Kishi, 1988"

    Hagoromo, Isshu Kishi, 1988

    Japanese Archaeology and Special Exhibition (Heiseikan) Thematic Exhibition Room
    November 15, 2022 (Tue) - December 25, 2022 (Sun)

    The Prince Takamado Collection comprises netsuke, mainly from the contemporary era, that were acquired by His Imperial Highness Prince Takamado (1954–2002). The year 2022 marks the 20th anniversary of Prince Takamado’s passing. On this occasion, the entire collection of 500 netsuke will be displayed together. We hope you enjoy this glimpse into the colourful scintillating world of contemporary netsuke.

Cut Piece: Apple, By Kuroiwa Akira, 1997
Nine-Tailed Fox, By Saitō Bishū, 1986
Daruma, By Miyazawa Hōsen, 1998
Hagoromo, By Kishi Isshū, 1988
Yuya, By Kishi Isshū, 1991
Strange Things Do Happen!, By Tachihara Kangyoku, 1992
Kappa, By Abe Kenji, 1986
Rabbit, By Abe Kenji, 1987
Beginning and End, By Takagi Kihō, 1995
Phoenix, By Takagi Kihō, 1995
Melon, By Hariya Kinuyo, 1996
Angel's Tears, ojimeCheese, By Fukuyama Kōzan, 2001
Owl Mother and Child, By Nakamura Masatoshi, 1970
Please, By Komada Ryūshi, 1989
High-Ranking Courtesan, By Komada Ryūshi, 1991
Ranryō-ō, By Azuma Seihō, 1992
Chinese Lantern, By Azuma Seihō, 1994
Rain Frog on Bamboo, By Kobayashi Senpo, 1986
Cicada on Tile, By Kobayashi Senpo, 1989
Winter Sparrow, By Kimura Shizuka, 1998
Kappa, By Sada Sumi, 1994
Squirrel, By Nakagawa Tadamine, 1989
Squirrel, By Ōta Yakō (Akemi), 1997
Owl, By Onosato Zanmai, 2002
Lovelorn Ghost, By Michael Birch, 1976
Möbius Bodhidharma, By Michael Birch, 1979
Grazing Horse, By Gregg Stradiotto, 1993
Hatching Snake, By Susan Wraight, 1993
Hatching Gecko, By Susan Wraight, 1997
The North Wind and the Sun, ojimeTraveller, By Susan Wraight, 1999
Belling the Cat, By Susan Wraight, 2001
Ringtail Possum, By Susan Wraight, 2002
tonkotsuFrench Fries, netsuke Cheeseburger, ojimeShake, By Tonkotsu: By Takagi Kihō; Netsuke,【ojime】: Hariya Kinuyo , 1998