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Use of Digital Contents

Tokyo National Museum (“TNM”) provides digital contents (including images and texts) from our archives under the conditions mentioned below.



Use of images

Images are lent by charge in digital and other formats. Applications may be done via the reference counter at the Research and Information Center of TNM or via the DNP Art Communications office below.
Images will be provided free of charge when used for the purpose to introduce TNM through broadcast, film production, publications, and websites. For details, please refer to the following link: Media Information > Image Service and Filming


Contact information for inquiries and applications concerning image use:

Tel (10:30–16:00, business days only): +81-3-3822-1212
Fax: +81-3-3822-1358

DNP Art Communications
3-5-20, Nishi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-8001 Japan
Tel (10:30–16:00, business days only): +81-3-6431-3702
Fax: +81-3-6431-3705

* You may also apply online. For details, please see the following site:



Use of Digital Contents without Charge

Unless otherwise mentioned, TNM holds the copyright of all copyrighted digital contents (such as images and texts) published by TNM.

Only digital contents (through Image Search, List of Academic Database etc.) published on our archive (http://webarchives.tnm.jp/ ) may be reproduced, processed, posted in publications or on websites, or otherwise used without charge without following specific procedures only for non-commercial purposes if the following “Terms of Use of Digital Contents without Charge” (hereinafter the “Terms”) are satisfied. Please use those digital contents in accordance with the Terms.

Images and texts on Tokyo National Museum's website ( https://www.tnm.jp) that are related to special exhibitions and other business of Tokyo National Museum may contain copyrights and other rights of third parties. The Terms do not apply to these images and texts and therefore they are not subject to use without charge.



Terms of Use of Digital Contents without Charge

  • Indication of reference and responsibilities

The fact that the contents were provided by Tokyo National Museum must be clearly indicated in a manner as specified in the Copyright Act.
When posting the contents on a website, please include in the posted site a link to TNM’s “Digital Research Archives” site. If an image is processed, altered or manipulated in any way, the user must clearly indicate such fact.

  • No Warranty and Disclaimer

TNM makes no warranty as to the accuracy or appropriateness of contents.
Furthermore, TNM assumes no responsibility for any result arising from the use of contents.

  • Application of copyright

Use of contents in accordance with any provision restricting rights under the Copyright Act should be made in an appropriate manner in accordance with the applicable provision.
Please refer to the following website of the Agency for Cultural Affairs.(in Japanese)

When contents are used for academic publications, the author should send a copy of the publication to the address below.
Please note that the received publications, after verification, may be provided for public use at the Research and Information Center as resource materials.
Upon mailing, please print out, fill out and enclose the publications submission form downloaded from this website.
Publications submission form (Word,44KB)(PDF,98KB)



Publications should be addressed to:

Tokyo National Museum, Research and Information Center, Publication submission
13-9 Ueno Park, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-8712 JAPAN
Tel: +81-3-3822-1111

Please refer to the following examples to determine whether intentions of image use are commercial or non-commercial.


Examples of Commercial Use and Non-commercial Use

Intentions of image use as commercial or non-commercial are considered through the guidelines below. If you have any questions, please contact:

Use of images


Examples of Commercial Use

•  TV broadcasting programs
•  Books, magazines and other publications
   (includes private publications and company newspapers / magazines / brochures distributed for free.)
•  Textbooks, educational materials, school introduction brochures
•  Newspaper articles (columns, etc.) excluding news coverage
•  Advertisements, pamphlets, catalogues, corporate brochures, company newsletters, etc.
•  Corporate websites, websites sponsored by business entities, and all other commercial websites
•  Presentation materials or slides for business seminars, assemblies, product presentations, employee education programs, etc.

Examples of Non-commercial Use

•  Personal use such as printout at homes, downloading as wallpapers of personal computers
•  Scholarly articles in scholarly journals, etc. (please submit one copy to the Research and Information Center, Publication submission after publication)
•  Notices of events and newsletters for non-profit purposes, by community groups, non-profit organizations, and charitable institutions

If these Terms cannot be satisfied for the use of contents, an application needs to be submitted. Please refer to “Use of Images.