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Reduction of power usage during the summer

Due to the 15% electricity usage reduction requisition at peak of demand during July 1 through September 22, 2011, Tokyo National Museum will bring the following policies into effect.
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
Partial closure of facilities
In addition to the regular summer closure of Kuroda Memorial Hall, the Research and Information Center reference room will be closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays. The TNM & TOPPAN Museum Theater will be closed on weekdays. Please note that limitations may apply to other services as well.
Reduction and elimination of lights
We will remove lighting apparatus that will not affect our visitors and extinguish unused lights.
Adjustments of air conditioning in storage areas
Since approximately half of the total power consumption at our museum is used in storages, we will limit the use of air conditioners during peak hours except for designated storage rooms.
Energy conservation in the offices
The preset temperature in offices will be 28 degrees Celsius, and all office equipment will strictly be turned off when not in use.
The preset temperature in the exhibition rooms will be 23 degrees Celsius for the conservation of cultural properties. Thus, we recommend our visitors to dress in a way that body temperature can be controlled.

Service equipment inactivation
Service equipment inactivation

Lighting equipment reduction
Lighting equipment reduction