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Photograph and Other Guidelines

Please help us to help you experience a pleasant viewing and preserve art for the future generation.

General policy

- Please refrain from actions that may disturb the viewing quality of other visitors within the Museum compound. We hope to provide quality time for everyone, whether you are looking for excitement or relaxation.
- Do not carry any dangerous items into the Museum compound.
- Trained guide and service animals are welcome. Please do not bring pets.
- Please leave your umbrellas outside the galleries, special umbrella lockers are provided. Small folding umbrellas can be brought along in a plastic bag.
- Please fold your baby carriage when the galleries are crowded.


Gallery policy

- Please refrain from touching any exhibits or showcases, the art on display is priceless and in many cases extremely frail.
- Please do not make any noise that may disturb other visitors (the Museum reserves the right to have a discretionary policy regarding noise, i.e. loud shoes or headphone use)
- Please do not use ballpoint-pens, ink-pens, brushes or mechanical pencils that may mark and damage the exhibit.
- Please put your large luggage in the lockers.
- Please do not use penlights or torches; many exhibits are light sensitive.
- Please refrain from using pagers, mobile telephones, or text messaging function on the mobile in the galleries. Do switch the mobile off or to vibration mode.


Photography policy

- Photography is not allowed on the second floor of the Heiseikan. In the other exhibition rooms, the Museum reserves the right to treat permits.
- No photography is allowed regarding to any objects indicated by the No photography sign shown on the right.
- Flashlights, additional lighting, tripods, monopods and Selfie sticks are not allowed.
- On using camera devices with sounds such as mobile phones, please make sure not to disturb other visitors.

No photography sign


Eating and Drinking / Smoking

- You can enjoy food and beverages in designated areas: the lounge, Heiseikan ground floor, and the drink corner, Honkan basement and Toyokan terrace as well as in our restaurants.
- The Tokyo National Museum is a smoke free facility. Please only smoke outside the buildings.

Please follow staff guidance on site. We appreciate your help and hope to welcome you soon to the oldest and largest Museum in Japan.