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Toyokan Floor Map


The Toyokan, designed by Taniguchi Yoshiro, was built in 1968 and reopened in January 2013 after refurbishment work. The galleries feature art and artifacts from regions including China, Korea, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, India, and Egypt. A restaurant is located in the annex.


Museum Theater
Accessibility Information - Toyokan



Toyokan Floor Map 1F
1: Chinese Buddhist Sculpture



Toyokan Floor Map 2F
2: Oasis2 Education Space: Journey Information
3: Sculptures from India and Gandhara
Art of the Western Regions
Artifacts from West Asia and Egypt



Toyokan Floor Map 3F
4: The Advent of Chinese Civilization
5: Chinese Bronzes
Burials in China
Chinese Ceramics
Chinese Textiles
6: Oasis6 Education Space: Fortune-telling in Asia



Toyokan Floor Map 4F
7: Stone Relief Carvings of China
8: Chinese Painting
Chinese Calligraphy
Chinese Literati



Toyokan Floor Map 5F
9: Chinese Lacquerware
Decorative Art of the Qing Dynasty
10: Polished Stone Tools and Metal Tools of Korea
The Rises and Falls of Kings in Korea
Korean Ceramics
Buddhist Art of Korea
Art of the Joseon Dynasty



Toyokan Floor Map B1F
11: Khmer Sculpture
12: Gilt Bronze Statues from Southeast Asia
Archaeology of India and Southeast Asia
Southeast Asian Ceramics
13: Asian Textiles
Indian Miniature Paintings
Ethnic Cultures of Asia


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