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Courtly Art: Heian–Muromachi period

"Courtly Art: Heian–Muromachi period"

Japanese Gallery (Honkan) Room 3  May 30, 2017 (Tue) - July 9, 2017 (Sun)

Illustrated Scroll of the Warrior Watanabe no Tsuna (detail), Muromachi period, 16th century

The courtiers were strongly involved in the arts through the Heian and Muromachi periods, their aesthetic tastes playing a great role in Japanese art history. Literature works such as waka poems and other calligraphy written by courtiers, and e-maki narrative picture scrolls are displayed in this room with decorative art objects.

Current exhibit includes:
Illustrated Scroll of the Warrior Watanabe no Tsuna, Muromachi period, 16th century
Segment of
Ise shu Poetry Anthology, Known as "Orikeru" section of "Ishiyama gire", Attributed to Fujiwara no Kinto, Heian period, 12th century (Important Art Object, Gift of Mr. Takagi Seikaku)
Eight-foiled Mirror, Auspicious flower and pair of phoenixes design,
Heian period, 11th–12th century (Lent by Izusan jinja, Shizuoka)