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Kuroda Memorial Room

"Kuroda Memorial Room"

Kuroda Memorial Hall Kuroda Memorial Room  October 18, 2016 (Tue) - November 27, 2016 (Sun)

Flowers in Vase (detail), By Kuroda Seiki, 1912 (Gift of the artist)

This room is originally made to honor Kuroda’s works since the Kuroda Memorial Hall was designed. The Chinese characters of “Memorial Room of the Viscount Kuroda”, which were said to be written by Nakamura Fusetsu, an oil painter, were curved on the panel above the doors. Having the collection cored with the works contributed by Kuroda’s family, this room offers a place to appreciate the works by Kuroda who greatly contributed to modernize the Japanese painting.

Current exhibit includes:
Winter Field (Grez), By Kuroda Seiki, 1891
Flowers in Vase,
By Kuroda Seiki, 1912 (Gift of the artist)