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Art of the Tea Ceremony

"Art of the Tea Ceremony"

Japanese Gallery (Honkan) Room 4  October 25, 2005 (Tue) - February 12, 2006 (Sun)

This gallery highlights the way of tea through its various art works such as paintings and calligraphy, vases, vessels for kaiseki meals, kettles, tea caddies, and tea bowls.
Current exhibition includes:
Tea Bowl, Known as "Bakohan", Celadon glaze, Longquan ware, Southern Song dynasty, 13th century, China (Important Cultural Property, Gift of Mr. Mitsui Takahiro)
Powder-tea Spoon, By Gamo Ujisato(1556-95), Azuchi-Momoyama period, 16th century (Gift of Mr. Matsunaga Yasuzaemon)
Tea Bowl,Known as "Zangetsu", Black glaze, Satsuma ware, Edo period, 17th century (Gift of Mr. Hirota Matsushige)