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Conservation and Restoration

The preservation of cultural properties involves two levels of work: utilization (exhibition, etc.) and safekeeping (restoration, etc.). The Tokyo National Museum appropriately carries out both by drawing on traditional expertise and the latest developments in conservation science through a process of diagnoses and treatment called “clinical conservation.” The following is an introduction to our cultural property preservation activities.


The Tokyo National Museum regularly publishes illustrated exhibition and TNM Collection catalogues and research and study reports in addition to the periodicals “Tokyo National Museum News” and “MUSEUM.”

Digital Archives

Browse our database of theses and other research reports, exhibition catalogues and other material related to Tokyo National Museum activities, and historical documents such as maps and photographs from the museum’s collection.

Library Catalogue Search

Search for books and magazines from the museum’s collection, the periodicals “Tokyo National Museum News” and “MUSEUM” published by the museum, and theses that have appeared in the museum’s postwar exhibition catalogues.

Image Search

Image data for cultural properties owned by the museum whose copyrights have expired are accessible to the public.

List of Academic Databases

Search for specific data by theme, such as historical maps or photographs, in our database of research and study activities conducted by the museum.


The following are symposiums related to Tokyo National Museum activities.

Research and Information Center

The Research and Information Center makes photographs, books, and other academic material collected and stored by the museum widely accessible to researchers and the public. The following is an introduction to the facility’s history and a guide to its usage.