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Ancient Earthenware Vessels

"Ancient Earthenware Vessels"

Heiseikan Japanese Archaeology Gallery  March 23, 2021 (Tue) - September 20, 2021 (Mon)

Footed Vessel
Found in Tenri City, Nara, Nara period, 8th century (Important Cultural Property)

From the Asuka period (593–710) onwards, the shapes of earthenware vessels and the combinations they were used in changed drastically. This change was brought about by the growing prominence of Buddhism and the increasingly common use of written characters. Earthenware vessels from this period reflect influence from metal Buddhist implements, and sue stoneware began to be shaped into items for writing.

Major Work(s) on Exhibit 2 results
Designation Name Amount Creation Excavation Period Acquisition Ownership Comment
_MD_RECOMMEND Important Cultural Property Footed Vessel Found in Tenri City, Nara Nara period, 8th century J-35630
_MD_RECOMMEND Inkstone Found at Miyahara No. 1 Tumulus, Shizuoka Kofun period, 7th century J-20505
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