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Egypt and Western Asia

Major Work(s) on Exhibit 11 results
Designation Name Creation/
Period Acquisition/
Accession Number
Highlight Tomb Relief of Iny Excavated in Saqqara, Egypt Old Kingdom 6th dynasty, ca. 23rd century BC TJ-5799
Highlight Foundation Peg with a God Figure Southern Iraq Sumerian Early Dynastic period, ca. 2400 BC TJ-5597
Highlight Plaque with a Bull Found in Nimrud, Iraq Neo-Assyrian period, 8th century BC Gift of the Iraqi Government, TJ-4806
Highlight Battle Axe Luristan, Iran Late 2nd–early 1st millennium BC TJ-625-7
Highlight Tiles with Multicolor Glazes Northwestern Iran Iron Age, 8th–7th century BC TJ-5678
Highlight Ornament Iran Achaemenid period, 6th–4th century BC TJ-5798
Mummy of Pasherienptah Excavated at Thebes, Egypt 22nd dynasty, ca. 945–730 BC Gift of the Egyptian Department of Antiquities, TJ-1835
Highlight Man Cyprus, Previously owned by Somerset Maugham Cypro-Archaic period, 6th century BC Gift of Mr. Michael Xilas and Mrs. Vicky Xilas, TJ-5930
Highlight The Goddess Sekhmet Excavated at Thebes, Egypt New Kingdom (18th Dynasty; reign of Amenhotep III), ca. 1388–1350 BC TC-422-1
Highlight Heracles Excavated at Hatra, Iraq Parthian period, 1st–2nd century Gift of the Iraqi Government, TJ-4822
Highlight Skyphoi Syria 1st century BC–2nd century AD TJ-5712