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Family Gallery: Wings and Feathers

"Family Gallery: Wings and Feathers"

Heiseikan Thematic Exhibition Room  April 26, 2022 (Tue) - May 29, 2022 (Sun)

Articulated Hawk, By Myōchin Kiyoharu, Edo period, 18th–19th century

Every year, an animal–themed exhibition is held at Tokyo National Museum in collaboration with Ueno Zoo and the National Museum of Nature and Science.
This year's theme is "Wings and Feathers." The first part of the exhibition, "Wings," explores various ways in which wings are depicted in art. Creatures we look at include birds and winged mammals such as bats, as well as winged gods we know from myths. The second part, entitled "Wings, Feathers, and Insect Wings," introduces works featuring eye-catching wings and feathers, objects made of actual bird feathers, and other works depicting the wings of butterflies and other insects.
The lineup also includes a few rabbit-themed works because rabbits, though without wings or feathers, are counted the same way as birds in Japanese.

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Major Work(s) on Exhibit 4 results
Designation Name Amount Creation Excavation Period Acquisition Ownership Comment
Highlight Hawks with a Goose and a Heron By Kanō Hironobu (1778–1815) Edo period, 18th–19th century A-1242
Highlight Articulated Hawk By Myōchin Kiyoharu Edo period, 18th–19th century E-20000
Highlight Peacocks By Tanaka Rishichi Meiji era, 1893 I-27
Gong ("Kei") with Peacocks Heian period, 12th century Gift of Mr. Katori Masahiko, E-19975-1