Hina and Japanese Dolls

"Hina and Japanese Dolls"

Japanese Gallery (Honkan) Room 14  February 23, 2021 (Tue) - March 21, 2021 (Sun)

Hina Doll Accessories with Scenes from The Tale of Genji, Edo period, 1860 (Gift of Ms. Fujiko Maekawa)

Many families in Japan display elaborate dolls on March 3 for the annual Doll Festival. These dolls, called hina, represent parents’ wishes for their daughters to grow up into healthy and happy adults. Some hina dolls, especially the historic examples on display here, show remarkable artistry and reflect a long-established preference in Japan for small yet intricately crafted objects.

Major Work(s) on Exhibit 6 results
Designation Name Amount Creation Excavation Period Acquisition Ownership Comment
_MD_RECOMMEND "Hina" Doll Accessories with Scenes from "The Tale of Genji" Edo period, 1860 (Ansei 7) Gift of Ms. Fujiko Maekawa, I-4437
_MD_RECOMMEND "Hina" Dolls (Kokin Type) Passed down by the Hibiya family Edo period, 1860 (Ansei 7) Private collection
_MD_RECOMMEND "Hina" Dolls (Kyōhō Type) Edo period, 18th century I-3613
_MD_RECOMMEND "Hina" Dolls in an Archaic Style with Jirozaemon Heads Formerly owned by Shibata Zeshin Edo period, 17th–18th century I-3350
_MD_RECOMMEND Costumed Doll of the Kabuki Actor Kichiya Edo period, 18th century I-2151
_MD_RECOMMEND "Hina" Dolls and Accessories Edo period, 1860 (Ansei 7) Gift of Ms. Fujiko Maekawa, I-4437
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