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Arms and Armor of the Samurai | 12th–19th century

Major Work(s) on Exhibit 6 results
Designation Name Creation/
Period Acquisition/
Accession Number
Highlight National Treasure Armor ("Yoroi") with White Lacing Kamakura period, 14th century Lent by Hinomisaki Shrine, Shimane
Important Art Object Letter By Tokugawa Ieyasu (1542–1616) Edo period, 1615 B-2483 On exhibit from October 12, 2022
Highlight Cord-Wrapped Sword Mounting ("Itomaki no Tachi") Edo period, 17th century F-19931-1 On exhibit from September 6, 2022
Important Cultural Property Blade for a Long Sword ("Tachi") By Sadazane Kamakura period, 13th century Gift of Meitokukai Foundation of the Mitani Clan of Izumo Province, F-20156-1 On exhibit through September 4, 2022
Important Cultural Property Armor ("Dōmaru") with Black Lacing, White at the Top Nanbokuchō period, 14th century Gift of Ms. Fujiwara Kiyoko, F-19972
Armor ("Gusoku") with a Two-Piece Cuirass and Red Lacing Edo period, 17th century E-19929