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National Treasure Gallery: Priest Emon Daishi

"National Treasure Gallery: Priest Emon Daishi"

Honkan Room 2  February 11, 2020 (Tue) - February 24, 2020 (Mon)

The Priest Huiwen (detail), Heian period,11th century (National Treasure, Lent by Ichijōji, Hyogo)

This painting is from a series depicting ten prominent Buddhist monks from India, China, and Japan. All of these monks have connections with Tiantai, a major school of Buddhism that originated in China and spread to other Asian countries, including Japan.

The monk shown here is Huiwen, who lived during China’s Northern and Southern Dynasties period (439–589) and created the foundations of Tiantai doctrine. Firm yet flowing lines that evoke a sense of weight, together with delicate gradations in the robes, make this an excellent example of Buddhist painting from 11th-century Japan.

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_MD_RECOMMEND National Treasure The Priest Huiwen Heian period,11th century Lent by Ichijōji, Hyogo