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New Acquisitions to the Museum in Fiscal Year 2019

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Major Work(s) on Exhibit 4 results
Designation Name Amount Creation/Excavation/Provenance Period Acquisition/Ownership/Accession Number Comment
Highlight Important Cultural Property Pines on the Shore Attributed to Tosa Mitsushige Muromachi period, 15th century A-12476
Highlight Portrait of Sano Akira By Kuroda Seiki (1866–1924) 1899 (Meiji 32) KU-a134
Highlight Large Bowl with a Tiger and Bamboo Imari ware Edo period, 17th century Gift of Mr. Sakamoto Katsuji G-5886
Highlight Mirror with Mythical Creatures ("Tuolong") Found at Ayamezuka Tumulus, Niigata Kofun period, 4th century Gift of Mr. Uehara Kōshirō J-39543