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Daily Tools of the Yayoi Period

Major Work(s) on Exhibit 5 results
Designation Name Amount Creation Excavation Period Acquisition Ownership Comment
Highlight Wooden Clog Used in Rice Paddies Found at Sena Site, Shizuoka Yayoi period, 2nd century BC-3rd century AD Lent by Shizuoka Prefectural Education Commission
Highlight Iron Axe Excavated at the mountain behind Korinji Temple, Shinonoi, Nagano-shi, Nagano Yayoi period, 2nd-1st century BC J-12946
Highlight Unfinished Blonze Arrowhead From Shiga Yayoi period, 1st-3rd century J-1863
Highlight Iron Arrowhead Found in Tottori City, Tottori Yayoi period, 1st-3rd century
Highlight Clay Spindle Whorl Excavated at Orimoto-cho, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa Yayoi period, 2nd-1st century BC Gift of Ms. Noguchi Kane, J-37526