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Special Exhibition

The 30th Anniversary of the Enthronement
Cultural Exchanges of Their Majesties the Emperor and Empress: Sharing the Beauty of Japan

Heavenly Maiden of Silk Cultivation, By Takamura Koun, 1924, Sannomaru Shozokan (the Museum of the Imperial Collections), Imperial Household Agency [On exhibit through March 31, 2019]

Honkan Room T4 & T5 :March 5, 2019 (Tue) - April 29, 2019 (Mon)

This exhibition features artworks connected to the Imperial Family from the collections of the Imperial Household Agency. These artworks include the folding screens, Poetry and Genre Scenes from Yuki and Suki Provinces for Daijosai (Grand Thanksgiving Festival after the Enthronement), which were created by Higashiyama Kaii and Takayama Tatsuo in 1990 for a ceremony held upon the enthronement of His Majesty the Emperor Akihito. The exhibition also displays Japanese works introduced by Their Majesties the Emperor and Empress of Japan on their visits to foreign countries. The Japanese culture conveyed by Their Majesties deepened the world's understanding of Japan and further promoted international exchanges with our country. In a year that marks the 30th anniversary of the enthronement of His Majesty the Emperor Akihito, this exhibition introduces the cultural exchange undertaken by Their Majesties the  Emperor and Empress of Japan.

Upcoming Special exhibition: National Treasures of To-ji Temple; Kukai and the Sculpture Mandala

Heiseikan Special Exhibition Galleries :March 26, 2019 (Tue) - June 2, 2019 (Sun)

This comprehensive exhibition will present cultural properties handed down at To-ji, with a focus on the numerous treasured articles associated with Kukai himself. The Lecture Hall of To-ji houses Kukai’s sculpture mandala, a three-dimensional representation of the pantheon of Shingon Buddhism. This exhibition will feature an unprecedented 15 of the mandala’s 21 sculptures, including 11 National Treasures and 4 Important Cultural Properties. Other magnificent sculptures and paintings, as well as works of calligraphy and decorative art representing the pinnacle of artistic expression in Esoteric Buddhism will also be displayed. We invite you to witness these priceless objects, passed down together with the teachings of Kukai for nearly 1,200 years at To-ji temple.

Upcoming Masterpieces of Japanese Art: From Sesshu and Eitoku to Korin and Hokusai

Cypress Trees (detail), By Kano Eitoku, Azuchi-Momoyama period, dated 1590 (Tokyo National Museum, National Tresure)[On exhibit from May 21, 2019]

Honkan Room T4 & T5 :May 3, 2019 (Fri) - June 2, 2019 (Sun)

This special exhibition is being held as part of the “TSUMUGU PROJECT: Inheriting the Beauty of Japan”, a project that aims to protect and pass on the beauty of Japan that is inherent in the masterpieces of the Imperial Collections and National Treasures. The exhibition brings together superlative artworks by famous Japanese artists, including Sesshu Toyo, Ogata Korin, and Katsushika Hokusai. The first half of the exhibition period also features a masterpiece associated with the Imperial Family, Chinese Lions by Kano Eitoku, while the second half features the National Treasure, Cypress Trees, created by Eitoku in his final years. We invite visitors to enjoy these renowned masterpieces of Japanese art, which stretch from the Heian period to the early modern period.