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TNM Individual Members

Premium: 1,000,000 yen; Special: 200,000 yen; Sustaining: 50,000 yen
*One year from the day of taking out membership (Valid until the final day of the same month the following year as the month in which membership is taken out)

Premium: 1,000,000 yen
Special: 200,000 yen
Sustaining: 50,000 yen
*One year from the day of taking out membership (Valid until the final day of the same month the following year as the month in which membership is taken out)

Since the Tokyo National Museum became a part of the Independent Administrative Institutions in 2001, we have been making a continuous effort, as a more accessible museum with gained independence, to provide enhanced service in response to the citizens' needs.

Benefitting from the characteristics as an Independent Administrative Institution, the Tokyo National Museum has been striving to enrich and expand the museum's principle activities of acquisition, preservation, exhibition, as well as research and education. By doing so, the museum aims to take not merely a national, but an international core role as a hall of Japanese and Asian cultural properties.

As a national museum, fundamental operations are still supported by the state. However, under the state's increasingly strenuous financial structure, it is crucial that we combine our own efforts with the generous support from the public and establish a solid museum operation base.

We therefore launched the Tokyo National Museum Membership Scheme (TNM Members) in 2002. We sincerely ask for your understanding, and hope to have you join us as a member to support the Tokyo National Museum.

TNM Individual members helps support the museum's operation. Your membership fee will be used for various museum activities including acquisition, conservation, and education (Details are reported annually to members at our appreciation event). Three membership types - sustaining, special, and premium, are available.
To show our gratitude, various benefits, including invitations to special exhibitions and TNM news subscription are available depending on an individual's membership contribution.

*Membership benefits are available by mail to Japanese address only.


Table of benefits

Membership Fee
*One year from the day of taking out membership (Valid until the final day of the same month the following year as the month in which membership is taken out)
1,000,000 yen 200,000 yen 50,000 yen
Email Subscription (In Japanese)

TNM News delivery (Domestic addresses only, 4times/yr)
*Available only in Japanese

Free Free Free
Free admission to TNM regular exhibitions Up to 4 persons Up to 4 persons Up to 2 persons
Free admission to regular exhibitions at Kyoto, Nara, and Kyushu National Museums Up to 2 persons Up to 2 persons Up to 2 persons
Free admission to TNM special exhibitions Up to 2 persons 1admission/special Exhibition
Up to 2 persons
1admission/special Exhibition
Up to 2 persons
Free admission to special exhibitions at Kyoto, Nara, and Kyushu National Museums 1admission/special Exhibition
Up to 2 persons
1admission/special Exhibition
Up to 2 persons
1admission/special Exhibition
Up to 2 persons
Discount in museum restaurants and cafes 10% 10% 10%
Discount in museum shops 5% 5% 5%
Free tickets to regular Exhibition 20 tickets 20 tickets 10 tickets
Events discount
Tax Deductible
Individual Commending at museum, on website, in TNM News
Members Appreciation Event
Special Viewing of Special Exhibition (w/Audio Guide)
Reception for Special Exhibition Up to 2 persons/reception Up to 2 persons/reception Up to 2 persons/reception
Discount on Facility Usage 30% (Up to 50 % of membership fee) 10% (Up to 50 % of membership fee)  
Free audio guide  
Special Exhibition Index 1 copy 1 copy  
Special Guided Tour (Requires reservation) 1 time/yr
~20 guests
Special Commending by the museum director Once/year    
Dinner with museum director or curators/researchers Once/year    

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Ways to Apply

Applying Online (Credit Card or Bank Transfer)

Information based on the Specified Commercial Transactions


 Please follow these steps to apply

1 Fill out the Application form

2 Review your order on the confirmation page

3 Send information electronically

4-1 (If paying by credit card)
We will issue a membership card after reviewing your information. (Requires about 5 business days)
Only Visa and MasterCard are accepted

4-2 (If paying by bank transfer)
Please make the payment at your nearest bank. (Service fee may apply)
Note: The application is not complete until after the payment is made at a bank.
We will issue a membership card after reviewing your information. (Requires about 2 weeks)

For expedited service, please apply directly at the membership counter. The membership will be valid the same day.


Bank Transfer

Please make your payment to the below account.

Mitsui Sumitomo Bank
Tokyo Koumubu
Ordinary Account 0149271
Account Name
Tokyo Kokuritsu Hakubutsukan Sanjokai Guchi
Premium: 1,000,000 yen
Special: 200,000 yen
Sustaining: 50,000 yen
Bank transfer service fee may apply.
Please keep the receipt.

Membership can only be used by the membership holder.
Membership fee is not refundable.
Membership type cannot be changed. If you would like to join another type of membership, a new application must be submitted.
Membership duration is predetermined and cannot be changed.

We use your information only for membership application purposes. Your information will be stored securely and properly. We do not distribute or give away any individual information without consent. (Excluding when asked by law enforcement.)


Applying at the Membership Counter

Please fill out necessary forms and apply at the counter located at the front gate ticket windows. Membership benefits are applicable the same day.
Windows are open during museum operating hours from 9:30 to 30 minutes prior to the museum closing.

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Can I apply for membership at admission?
Yes. Membership can be purchased at the admissions window and is valid the same day.
Is membership application only available at the window?
Applications can also be made online or through bank transfer.
Can I view the same special exhibition twice using a TNM Members card?
Only TNM Members (Premium) receive unlimited free admission.
TNM Members (Special) and TNM Members (Sustaining) receive a one-time free admission to each special exhibition.

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Taxation on Membership Fee

The Tokyo National Museum is one of the designated public-service promotion corporations. Individuals and corporate making contributions to the Tokyo National Museum receive preferential tax treatments different from standard tax deduction for other corporations. The membership fee paid to the Tokyo National Museum is subject to this tax deduction system.

Details on Preferential Tax Treatments

When an individual makes donations to a public-service promotion corporation, the amount paid is treated as a "designated donation" and a certain amount is subject to tax deduction following appropriate procedures. This system allows either [the sum of total donation made during the year] or [Amount equal to 40% of total income] (Applied to the lower amount of the two) minus 2000 yen to be deducted from taxes.

Ex) If total annual income is 8,000,000 yen:
40% of total annual income = 3,200,000 yen
Tax deducted in this case is calculated as follows:
If total amount of donation is 50,000 yen; (50,000 yen - 2,000 yen = 48,000 yen)
If total amount of donation is 4,000,000 yen; 3,200,000 - 2,000 yen = 3,198,000 yen

How to Apply for Preferential Tax Deduction

Please submit the receipt of your membership from the Tokyo National Museum when filing your taxes. The receipt is a necessary document to receive preferential tax treatment. Please store them securely.

*Credit card transaction takes a few months to complete. If paying with credit card after October, receipt of your donation may not be issued until the following year. If you are making donations after October and would like the tax deducted the same year, please pay by bank transfer, or with cash directly at museum ticket window.

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Tokyo National Museum, General Affairs Department, Membership Division
13-9 Ueno Park, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-8712, Japan
TEL: 03-3822-1111 FAX: 03-3821-9680

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List of Members (as of October 12, 2020)

Premium Members

Mr. Ishige Keido
Mr. Kuroda Kenichi

2 other Premium Member is supporting the Tokyo National Museum

Special Members

Mr. Tsuji Taiji
Mr. Oyama Takayoshi
Ms. Tanaka Mii
Ms. Tanaka Mitsuko
Mr. Masuyama Ikuo
Mr. Shimada Jin
Ms. Kubo Kazuko
Mr. Yamamoto Shunsuke
Ms. Sugawara Naoko
Mr. Uchida Yoshiyuki

7 other Special Members are supporting the Tokyo National Museum

Sustaining Members

Mr. Ito Nobuhiko
Mr. Yabuuchi Masahito
Mr. Iwasawa Shigemi
Ms. Saito Kyoko
Mr. Saito Kunihiro
Mr. Fujiwara Norio
Mr. Sekiya Tokue
Mr. Takahashi Mamoru
Mr. Ozawa Keiichi
Mr. Kushida Ryoho
Mr. Hasegawa Hideki
Mr. Ikeda Koichi
Mr. Kimura Takeshi
Ms. Kanze Asuka
Mr. Hoshino Yoshihisa
Mr. Watanabe Akira
Mr. Inagaki Tetsuyuki
Mr. Iioka Yuichi
Mr. Takase Masaki
Mr. Teraura Nobuyuki
Ms. Takagi Mikako
Mr. Furuya Mitsuo
Ms. Matsumoto Sumiko
Mr. Ikejima Youji
Mr. Koretsune Hiroshi
Mr. Ueno Kouichi
Ms. Kinumura Yasuyo
Ms. Okada Hiroko
Mr. Tsukui Hideo
Mr. Sugita Shunnichi
Mr. Jintsu Yutaka
Mr. Jintsu Toyokazu
Ms. Ishikawa Kimiko
Ms. Nagata Mika
Mr. Nishioka Yasuhiro
Mr. Takeshita Yoshihiro
Ms. Nozawa Tomoko
Mr. Sakata Koichi
Mr. Iketani Masao
Mr. Kitani Kishiro
Mr. Shiozaki Hiromasa
Ms. Iida Yoshiko
Ms. Hirai Chieko
Mr. Aoyama Michio
Mr. Tanaka Chiaki
Mr. Tanaka Nozomu
Mr. Sakazume Takashi
Mr. Yoshida Yasushi
Mr. Matsumoto Masahiko
Mr. Ito Yoshio
Mr. Inouye Yukichi
Ms. Hosokawa Yoko
Ms. Akimoto Fumiko
Mr. Noguchi Keiya
Ms. Watanabe Yukie
Mr. Sato Teiichi
Mr. Tanikawa Norihiko
Mr. Yamaguchi Takashi
Mr. Hara Kazuyuki
Mr. Aida Kenichi
Ms. Sagara Taeko
Mr. Suzuki Toru
Mr. Kato Takaaki
Mr. Isa Kenji
Ms. Karube Yuka
Mr. Kigoshi Jun
Mr. Inoue Tamotsu
Ms. Tanaka Nobu
Ms. Oka Yasuko
Mr. Furukawa Harunori
Mr. Iwamoto Mitsuo
Mr. Yamamoto Takayuki
Ms. Yamanoue Tomoko
Mr. Natori Koji
Mr. Masubuchi Nobuyoshi
Mr. Kaname Hidenori
Mr. Yasuda Kaku
Ms. Tsukushi Mizue
Ms. Toriyama Rei
Mr. Ozaki Yuho
Mr. Tagashira Issyu
Mr. Okada Yoshio
Ms. Shida Hisako
Ms. Sasamori Yoshiko
Mr. Nishinaga Yoshihisa
Mr. Taura Hiroki
Mr. Yamanaka Suikoku
Mr. Araki Akira
Mr. Kabasawa Takeshi
Mr. Sato Takashi
Mr. Yokota Takayoshi
Mr. Shinbo Yukio
Mr. Nakano Shunsuke
Mr. Tsuchiya Kazuhiko
Mr. Usuda Eiichi
Mr. Kanou Hayato
Mr. Hayashi Kazuhito
Mr. Shimizu Toseki
Ms. Nomoto Haruyo
Ms. Sato Fuyo
Mr. Aoyama Keiji
Ms. Yoshinaga Kiyoko
Mr. Takayama Shingyo
Mr. Suzuki Keisen
Mr. Imamura Masashi
Mr. Fukutake Masahiro
Mr. Takeuchi Kazuyo
Mr. Okano Kazuaki
Mr. Ito Akinobu
Mr. Kobayashi Hirokazu
Mr. Kato Masanobu
Mr. Miyashita Masahiro
Mr. Tashiro Masahiko
Mr. Takahashi Kaoru
Mr. Kiyota Shiro
Mr. Nakamura Teruhiro
Mr. Nakajima Yonejirou
Mr. Kanda Yasuo
Mr. Ishitobi Hakko
Ms. Kiyohara Mari
Mr. Tsunoda Yasuyuki
Mr. Miura Motohiro
Mr. Kanemitsu Masakazu
Mr. Mizuno Kazuyoshi
Ms. Takeuchi Akiyo
Mr. Hirata Yasuyuki
Mr. Takei Nobuyuki
Mr. Haneishi Fumio
Mr. Nagase Masayuki
Ms. Maeda Hisako
Mr. Kurokawa Hidetoshi
Mr. Kitada Toshiya
Ms. Iwamoto Michiko
Ms. Horikawa Katsumi
Mr. Takimoto Atsushi
Mr. Akimoto Yukio
Mr. Nakayama Yasuhiro
Mr. Suzuki Takeyuki
Mr. Iwama Yoshitaka
Ms. Kimura Noriko
Ms. Mizuta Shoko
Mr. Goshima Shigeyuki
Mr. Sasakawa To
Ms. Mukoyama Yuko
Ms. Tanaka Machiko
Mr. Negishi Jun
Mr. Ono Toru
Mr. Takenaka Yosuke
Mr. Waki Motoichiro
Ms. Honjo Yoko
Mr. Fukui Kazuo
Mr. Yamagami Eiji
Ms. Morimoto Fumiko
Mr. Aoki Katsushige
Ms. Maki Hiroko
Ms. Minami Kanako
Mr. Oki Tonami
Mr. Kitazume Yukio
Mr. Ito Takashi
Mr. Shuto Hiroyuki
Mr. Yamami Katsuhiko
Mr. Shoji Hiroshi
Mr. Onuki Kenji
Mr. Ishii Nobutaka
Mr. Sasaki Hiroaki
Mr. Harada Kiyoaki
Mr. Shimizu Nobuyasu
Mr. Kitayama Taku
Ms. Arai Junko
Mr. Ooyama Hitoshi
Mr. Oda Shuhei
Mr. Numajiri Akira
Ms. Honbo Junko
Ms. Sato Harumi
Mr. Omoda Daisuke
Mr. Sato Yoshiaki
Mr. Mikami Masahiro
Mr. Kondo Masamii
Mr. Kumeda Keiichi
Mr. Mita Yoshifumi
Mr. Kawamura Takehiko
Mr. Ishido Yuji
Mr. Iwai Junichi
Mr. Makino Tomoe
Ms. Fujimoto Hisako
Ms. Aoki Kaori
Mr. Someya Katsuhito
Mr. Itou Syouji
Ms. Hirai Chiharu
Ms. Tanaka Kunie
Mr. Iihama Osamu
Ms. Ouchi Hiroko
Ms. Kosawada Mayumi
Mr. Yoneyama Masamitu
Mr. Akita Mitsuyoshi
Ms. Hirakushi Hiroko
Ms. Nakajima Mizuho
Mr. Shiozaki Yutaka
Mr. Chino Toshiaki
Mr. Maeda Shogo
Mr. Sano Kenzo
Mr. Okubo Shinichi
Ms. Sakagami Chise
Mr. Kaneko Katsuhiro
Mr. Ishii Toshiyuki
Ms. Yasumoro Mariko
Mr. Eguchi Hiroyuki
Mr. Azusawa Takahiro
Mr. Yamazaki Masuo
Ms. Inoue Miyuki
Ms. Yamamoto Hisaki
Ms. Ogino Miho
Mr. Nakamura Toshiyuki
Mr. Shibata Hiroshi
Ms. Yoshizawa Kazuko
Mr. Abe Takao
Ms. Miyazaki Fumiko
Mr. Aso Masanobu
Mr. Kose Satoshi
Ms. Inoue Yasuyo
Mr. Takahashi Yasuyuki
Mr. Yamazaki Susumu
Ms. Kanda Yuuko
Ms. Moriyama Setsuko
Ms. Onishi Ayako
Mr. Araki Syun
Ms. Kaji Keiko
Ms. Suzuki Tomoko
Mr. Saruhashi Masaki
Mr. Oura Yoshinari
Ms. Kikuchi Akiko
Mr. Nishimura Shuichi
Mr. Sugimoto Takao
Ms. Akiba Keiko
Ms. Kondo Erika
Mr. Nishimura U
Mr. Shibata Kazuhisa
Mr. Maeda Hiroshi
Mr. Kawashima Kazutaka
Mr. Ikei Ryosuke
Mr. Maeda Yuichi
Mr. Kagiwara Izumi
Ms. Takeda Toshiko
Mr. Yoshizawa Akihito
Mr. Miki Masao
Ms. Aoki Yuko
Ms. Nishiuchi Keiko
Mr. Kawachi Shigeto
Ms. Araki Masae
Mr. Sato Masaki
Mr. Suzuki Akihiro
Ms. Oshima Chiaki
Ms. Nishikura Mina
Mr. Andoh Yoshiyuki
Ms. Kaneko Marina
Mr. Sato Makoto
Mr. Yabumoto Shunichi
Ms. Yabumoto Yasuko
Mr. Yabumoto Eisuke
Ms. Yabumoto Keiko
Ms. Fukuda Michiko
Mr. Obuchi Kaoru
Mr. Iida Taishi
Mr. Hasunuma Takeshi
Mr. Nozue Masahiro
Mr. Makino Tomoyuki
Mr. Katase Shichiro
Mr. Tamura Atsushi
Mr. Ishi Seiichiro
Mr. Murata Ryuichi
Mr. Takatsuki Toshimasa
Mr. Okada Miyo
Ms. Hayashi Sachie
Mr. Uchida Yoshiyuki
Ms. Inagaki Kazumi
Mr. Maeda Masahiko
Mr. Yoshioka Daisuke
Mr. Tobe Takeshi
Mr. Sato Toshiaki
Mr. Imai Koji
Mr. Kaneko Hiroto
Mr. Shiina Isao
Mr. Saito Mitsushiro
Mr. Oikawa Mitsuru
Mr. Kajiwara Yasuomi
Mr. Mitsuoka Yoshiyuki
Mr. Sagawa Toshiyuki
Mr. Mogi Eizaburo
Ms. Noda Wakako
Ms. Takeda Tomoko
Ms. Tabaru Azusa
Mr. Ikenoue Takao
Mr. Takaku Masakatsu
Mr. Imazeki Akira
Mr. Goto Hidehiko
Mr. Motohashi Toshihiro
Mr. Nagano Takaaki
Mr. Shoji Yoshiro
Mr. Hayakawa Shuhei
Mr. Matsuda Koji
Mr. Yamanaka Kotaro
Ms. Koike Naoko
Mr. Miyamoto Taihei
Mr. Takeno Masato
Ms. Murai Junko
Ms. Takimoto Chiho
Mr. Kobayashi Kenichi
Ms. Onishi Fusako
Mr. Ishii Hideaki
Mr. Hiyaji Masaya
Mr. Zhang Wen
Mr. Mizuno Hideaki
Ms. Yasuki Mayumi
Mr. Kondo Soichi
Ms. Tadokoro Hiroko
Mr. Oki Masahito
Ms. Otsubo Nako
Ms. Iura Rie
Ms. Imai Mitsuko
Mr. Matsui Hitoshi
Mr. Komeda Shinichi
Mr. Yamaguchi Katsura

219 other Sustaining Members are supporting the Tokyo National Museum

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