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Thank You for Your Donations (April 2018–March 2019)

Thank You for Your Donations (April 2018–March 2019)

We received a total of \2,199,125 in donations between April 2018 and March 2019, and wish to express our gratitude for this generous support. These donations were used mainly for conserving our artworks: We conserved hanging scrolls by replacing worn cords, regluing areas where adhesives had weakened, and repairing insect damage. We also conserved oil paintings, sculptures, and a record from the Tokyo Imperial Household Museum (the former name of the Tokyo National Museum). Lastly, we also used the funds to create paper for conserving paintings and photographs, and to exhibit and lend artworks. We ask for your continued support for our conservation efforts, which will continue into the future.


Preventing pigments from flaking off sculptures
Filling in areas damaged by insects



Thank You for your donations from former years.

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