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Sculptures from India and Gandhara

"Sculptures from India and Gandhara"

Asian Gallery (Toyokan) Room 3  June 26, 2018 (Tue) - June 23, 2019 (Sun)

Preaching Buddha, Kushan dynasty, 3rd century

This part mainly features Buddhist statues from Gandhara (northwestern Pakistan) and Mathura (northern, central India) from the 2nd to the 5th century. The wide variety of sculptures on display is a notable feature.

Current exhibit includes:
Seated Buddha, Kushan dynasty, 2nd–3rd century
Worship of the Bowl; Cross-legged Bodhisattvas, 3rd–4th century (Gift of Ms. Yano Tsuruko)
Preaching Buddha, Kushan dynasty, 3rd century
Fragment of Relief Sculpture: Yakshini, Kushan dynasty, 2nd–3rd century (Gift of Mr. Kato Hiroshi)

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