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The Rise of Buddhism: Asuka–Nara period

"The Rise of Buddhism: Asuka–Nara period"

Honkan Room 1  September 19, 2018 (Wed) - October 28, 2018 (Sun)

Detached Segment of the Sovereign Kings of the Golden Light Sutra on Indigo Paper, Attributed to Emperor Shomu, Nara period, 8th century

In the mid-6th century, Buddhism was officially introduced into Japan from the kingdom of Baekje on the southeastern coast of the Korean peninsula. Japanese culture made a remarkable progress with the adoption of Buddhism. This gallery features early Buddhist statues, sutras, reliquaries, and ritual implements from the Asuka and Nara periods.

Current exhibit includes:
Seated Shaka Nyorai (Sakyamuni), Nara period, 8th century (Important Cultural Property, Lent by Saidaiji, Nara)
Mondakatsuo kyo
Sutra, Nara period, dated 740